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Public Lectures

Join us for cutting edge science! These lectures are aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about current physics topics - no science background is necessary. Whether you are a long-time science enthusiast, or have developed a new interest in physics, we invite you to join us to learn about cutting edge science from the experts doing the research!

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Space Explorers

The Space Explorers program is a way for kids to explore physics in fun, self-contained, and hands-on modules. Pairs of volunteers visit local classrooms around 5 times over the course of a school year, giving primary school kids a chance to get to know a physicist, while doing educational activities.

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Upcoming Events

Capturing Atomic Motion with the Worlds Fastest Cameras
In this talk, Marty Otto will discuss how state of the art laser science and electron microscopy allow us to observe processes in nature as they unfold in real-time.

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