About Us

The outreach group in the Department of Physics at McGill University aims to communicate the excitement and fascination of physics to the public, students, and other interested groups in our community.

The McGill Physics Outreach team is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers that strive to promote physics education and cultivate a passion for science in the community. Through the public events, such as the Anna I. McPherson lecture series, as well as our educational outreach, namely the Space Explorers program and Inquiry institute, we hope to make physics accessible and enjoyable to the public.

For the physics-minded public…

Our monthly public lectures focus on topical scientific issues, aimed at a general science. We have world class scientists speaking on everything, from the Big Bang and natural disasters, to 2D materials and technology.

For students…

We host annual open houses for anyone interested in seeing our labs or asking us questions. The McGill Physics Hackathon is another great platform for students interested in physics or programming—everyone is welcome with or without experience, and from all age groups. And finally, our summer olympiad program and summer internship opportunities are opening the doors for young students hoping one day to become a scientist.

For teachers…

We want to empower teachers to feel comfortable and happy teaching physics! To this end, we host the space explorers program, which involves a group of our volunteers going to schools and teaching 1-hour long modules to young students, using evidence-based learning techniques. Our annual collaboration with the Inquiry Institute focuses more directly on teachers, hoping to promote teaching techniques and methods conducive to science-learning.

Our Team

Nicholas Vieira
Physics Matters Coordinator

Sabrina Berger
Physics Matters Coordinator

François Bourassa
Physics Matters Coordinator

Kim Metera
Academic Associate

Adrian Liu
Physics Outreach Chair

Alice Curtin
Space Explorers Coordinator

Lia Formenti
Public Lecture Manager

Simon Guichandut
Public Lecture Manager

Sarah Fairbrother