Open House

Interested in pursuing an undergraduate physics degree? Wondering what kind of research happens in the physics department at McGill? Each year we host an open house for students interested in seeing what our department is all about. This year, the event will be occurring on Sunday, October 21, 2018 (more details coming in September). Visit the event page for more details.

ATLAS Masterclass

Wondering what’s particle physics? Heard about the Higgs boson and would like to know more? Think you are already an expert in particle physics and want to test off your skills by analyzing real data? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you ought to come to the free particle physics Masterclass organized by the ATLAS experiment research group at McGill University! Click here for more details.

Physics Hackathon

The McGill Physics hackathon, started in 2016, is a hackathon devoted to solving and visualizing physics problems. Participant teams will be challenged to use scientific computing tools and/or microelectronic gadgets to demonstrate a concept, phenomenon or application involving the physical sciences.

McGill Physics Olympiad Program

Are you a high school or CEGEP student interested in competitive physics olympiads? Our McGill Physics Olympiad Program (MPOP) offers mentorship and practice sessions led by undergraduate physics students experienced in these competitions.

Physics Matters Summer Internships

The Physics Matters outreach group has summer internships available for Montreal area CEGEP or undergraduate students.

Girls in Physics Day

The Girls in Physics Day is a yearly event started in 2018 aimed at high school girls from secondary 3-5. During this all-day event, students will visit the department’s labs, attend presentations, carry out hands-on experiments, and meet with physics students and professors. Visit the event page for more information.

Visit us at McGill

We are able to host school or extracurricular groups at our department at McGill University. We have a variety of activities for all ages, offered in French or English. Typical visits vary in length, and may involve museum tours, lab tours, short demos, or hands-on activities. Have your teacher or group leader contact us for information or to request a visit. Visit date and language are subject to volunteer availability.