Volunteer Outreach picnic

Every Fall we host an outdoor picnic for McGill students to learn about Physics Outreach, AstroMcGill, and the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusivity Group in the McGill Physics Department. You’ll get to learn about the McGill Physics Hackathon, Space Explorers, the Astro/Physics McGill Public Lecture series, the McGill Physics Olympiad, Science in Space: How to Telescope, Observatory Open Houses, and the paid outreach coordinator roles you can apply for in place of a TAship! The picnic has passed for 2022/2023. Stay tuned for 2023/2024.

Physics Hackathon

The McGill Physics Hackathon, started in 2016, is an annual hackathon devoted to solving and visualizing physics problems. Participant teams will be challenged to use scientific computing tools and/or microelectronic gadgets to demonstrate a concept, phenomenon or application involving the physical sciences. Volunteers are needed for a variety of different aspects of the event! Email hackathon@physics.mcgill.ca for more information.

McGill Physics Olympiad Program

Our McGill Physics Olympiad Program (MPOP) offers mentorship and practice sessions led by undergraduate and graduate physics students experienced in these competitions. Graduate and undergraduate students are needed to run lectures. Email MPOP@physics.mcgill.ca for more information.

Space Explorers

Space Explorers is a program that brings hands-on physics experiments to elementary school students around Montreal. Sessions are led by undergraduate and graduate physics students. This year, Space Explorers will be transitioning back to in-person! Volunteers are needed for both French and English school visits. Email outreach@physics.mcgill.ca for more information.

Science in Space: How to Telescope

Science in Space: How to Telescope is a new outreach initiative between Physics Matters, MSI, and Dell Technologies. Over the course of 10 weeks, middle school students of under-represented genders in physics build telescopes in Minecraft. Under-represented genders in physics with some background in astronomy are needed as mentors for school visits! Email scienceinspace@physics.mcgill.ca for more information.

Public Lectures

Every month, we organize a public talk aimed at a broad audience. Speakers are usually McGill Physics or MSI professors, postdocs, or graduate students. Some volunteers are needed to help with set-up and take down for each event. Email Email outreach@physics.mcgill.ca for more information.