Public Lectures

The physics department hosts monthly Physics Matters public letures, monthly public Astro Nights, and the yearly Anna I. MacPherson lecture series.

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Physics Hackathon

Participant teams will be challenged to use scientific computing tools and/or microelectronic gadgets to demonstrate a concept, phenomenon or application involving the physical sciences.

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Rutherford Museum

The Rutherford Museum and the Anna MacPherson collection are open to the public. These collections have a variety of historical devices and memorabilia. To make an appointment, email the curator.

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Upcoming Events

On the Nature of Time

On the Nature of Time April 9, 2019
In this talk, Guilherme Franzmann will talk about the nature of time itself and how understanding time plays a key role in understanding Quantum Gravity, Cosmology and the Big Bang. Read More ›

Past events