McGill Physics Olympiad Program (MPOP)

What is MPOP?

The “McGill Physics Olympiad Program (MPOP)” is a student-run initiative which aims to prepare high school and CEGEP students in the Montreal area for prestigious competitions such as the: Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) exam, Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) exam, Canadian Physics Olympiad (CPO), and the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO).

How does it Work?

Training sessions will be held approximately once a week and last around two to three hours. Sessions will cover special topics in physics found in Olympiads and problem solving strategies. For homework, participants will be assigned challenge homework problems, some of which will be taken up in the next lecture; solving the problems is ultimately the responsibility of the student.

Who should sign-up?

The type of person who should sign-up for this program is a high-school or CEGEP student who is passionate about physics, loves to solve puzzles and would like to perform well in these competitions. Although these sessions are given in English, the Olympiads can be written in either French or English. We encourage individuals who are female and/or from underrepresented groups to sign-up!

It would also be advantageous if participating students have self-studied various topics in physics and calculus, but this is not required. It may also be useful to note that good performance in physics Olympiads is well recognized by universities around the world.

How to join?

Start by filling out this registration form. You will be contacted shortly after you have submitted the form. Note that if demand is too high, there may be a selection process.

How much does it cost?

MPOP is free of charge! If you’re a passionate CEGEP or high-school student and would like to learn more than what’s taught in your physics classes, then you are more than welcome to join!

Who are we?

Abtin Ameri is a Mechanical Engineering student at McGill minoring in Physics (class of 2020). He scored fifth on the 2016 CAP Exam, giving him the opportunity to compete in the Canadian Physics Olympiad in Vancouver. Abtin believes in the importance of MPOP as it gives an additional boost to students who are preparing for prestigious physics competitions. It also gives the students an opportunity to meet other like-minded people who share the same passion as them.

Vincent Van Duong is a Honours Mathematics and Physics major (class of 2020) at McGill and has graduated from Marianopolis College in Montreal. Vincent received the highest score in Quebec and the ninth best score in Canada for the 2016 CAP examination. He was invited to the national finals at the University of British Columbia for the CPO. As Vincent is from Montreal originally, he supports this initiative because Quebec students are underrepresented at physics Olympiads.

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