Unpacking Gravitational Waves: The Road to Discovery

Unpacking Gravitational Waves: The Road to Discovery

Benjamin Dringoli (McGill University)

Sept. 27, 2018 19:00

Abstract: Being one of the most important discoveries this century, the detection of gravitational waves reignited the astrophysics community and kickstarted a new age of advanced astronomy. But how was this great feat achieved? From the seminal early 20th century theoretical work by Einstein and others to the many experimental efforts planned and executed after, this talk will act as a roadmap to the journey of the LIGO detection that made headlines just a few years ago. By explaining how these ideas were nurtured and tests were improved through both brilliance and hard work, we will unpack how researchers worked to detect signals previously thought undetectable and what these profoundly powerful tools mean for the future of physics, astronomy, and the world.

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